Bioresonance therapy

3D bioresonance is responsible for detecting all viruses, fungi, parasites, bacteria and allergies. Moreover, it is also a very effective method of diagnosing diseases: Lyme disease, food intolerance and inflammation.

  • Comprehensive, painless and non-invasive diagnostics is just one of many advantages of bioresonance. Due to targeted therapies and effective treatment, patients are able to achieve harmony and long-term health.


Acupuncture without actual punctures and without the use of needles. It works deeper, because the acupuncture points are not subjected to the stimulus in a static way, but as per the principle of the rotation method.

Specjalista medycyny mitochondrialnej

A specialist in functional medicine, combining the healing process with the patient's functional state. In this sense, the patient does not only receive help with their clinical symptoms, but also with securing the sustainability of their health through supplementation tailored to individual needs.

Diet therapies

Our dietitian has many years of experience in working with patients, she is also a qualified personal trainer. The Dietary Habit Change Program, she has developed is based on natural processes taking place inside of our bodies.

To fully monitor your progress, we recommend that you see a nutrition specialist every 4 weeks.

The most common questions about diet therapy:

How to prepare for the first appointment?

It is necessary for the dietician to prepare for your first appointment, which is why two days before your first appointment, she will need:

  1. Your weekly meal list. For this purpose, please contact us least 10 days before your planned appointment so that we can send you the template.
  2. Basic blood tests (complete blood count, lipid profile, glucose, TSH, liver tests, proteinogram). The tests can be performed on site.

They will enrich the substantive value of our first appointment and enable more precise diagnostics.

Will I receive a menu?

You will always receive general recommendations tailored to your case.
If necessary, after the consultation and the first appointment, the menu is prepared individually for you, based on the nutritional interview and - in some cases - additional diagnostics.

  • The process of creating your menu takes approx. 7 days During this time, we carefully analyze your diet and develop a menu specially tailored to your needs.

More about the Habits Change Program

The program is structured in such a way that the change of a habit lasts for a minimum of 14 days (this is the minimum time we need to consolidate a new habit), so that you can notice specific changes.

Additional help in the process of changing eating habits are diet plates, adapted to each meal.

What are the benefits?

  • We will help you change your current eating habits so that you can finally enjoy life to the full.
  • We will advise you which products are better to avoid and which should be included in the daily menu, as well as what lifestyle to lead.
  • We will provide you with simple rules that you will implement at your own pace and which are extremely powerful.
  • We will answer all your questions and dispel any doubts.

What solutions do we propose?

The choice of solution depends on you, your will and needs.

Additionally, regardless of the solution, to fully monitor the progress, we recommend meetings every 4 weeks.

  1. Joining the Habit Change Program and using diet plates.
  2. Using diet plates alone.
  3. Individual recommendations based on an interview with you.

How often should follow-up appointments take place?

The first follow-up appointment should take place approximately 4 weeks after the patient starts the diet and the Habit Change Program.

So that we can fully monitor the progress, each subsequent appointment should be booked once a month or more often, if necessary, until the diet therapy or Level 1 in the Habit Change Program is complete - it means that the minimum time is 3 months.

Our mission

We need exercise and good-quality food to keep the body healthy, discipline of mind to work and act consistently, and strength of spirit to make our lives better and true to who we really are.


children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities - oligophrenopedagogy

Low intellectual performance is associated with developmental disorders, therefore it is important to diagnose them as early as possible and start pedagogical and psychological work aimed at supporting both the guardian and the child in order to compensate the stimulus. Oligophrenopedagogical therapy is carried out taking into account the individual capabilities of the patient. The requirements are always adjusted to the abilities of a particular child and his emotional conditions. We select the methods in such a way as to overcome limitations while providing the child with the opportunity to taste success.


Currently, supporting with supplementation is an indispensable part of the recovery process that determines the durability of therapy's effects. Our dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and mitochondrial cycle cofactors come from studies based on clinical experience and are confirmed by high-quality certificates based on 3 pillars: purity, safety and potency. The producers are Nature's Sunshine, Mito-Pharma, Mannayan, Labs212, ForMeds.

Other therapies

Medycyna mitochondrialna opiera się na diagnostyce zapotrzebowań mitochondrialnych, bo jak cegła buduje dom, tak stan naszej komórki odpowiada za zdrowie całego organizmu. Medycyna mitochondrialna wymaga zbadania funkcjonalności wielu cykli biochemicznych stanowiących podstawę działania mitochondriów.  Konsekwencją zaburzeń pracy mitochondriów są mitochondriopatie wtórne, czyli choroby przewlekłe tj. nadwaga, cukrzyca typu 2 wraz z zespołem metabolicznym zespół przewlekłego zmęczenia, fibromialgia, schorzenia neurologiczne, wypalenie zawodowe, i wiele innych wynikających z osłabienia funkcjonalności dróg oddechowych, oczu, serca i naczyń czy układu pokarmowego. Generatorem a wraz z czasem także akceleratorem wyczerpania energetycznego mitochondriow jest powstanie stresu nitrozacyjnego oraz zaburzenie funkcji wykorzystania tlenu, które mogą prowadzić do stanów przednowotworowych. Diagnostyka tych stanów oraz opracowanie planu terapii jest jedną z wielu terapii dostępnych w naszym gabinecie.

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