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3D bioresonance, carried out using Trikombin apparature, offers a wide range of comprehensive diagnostics of the body. From inflammation and toxins to allergies, food intolerances, parasites, injuries and neoplastic conditions.

Therapies and supplements

We perform regulatory therapies with the use of harmonic frequencies, microcurrents and needle-free acupuncture, which are non-invasive and painless. Treatment is always selected according to patient’s individual needs.


Oferujemy konsultacje z zakresu profilaktyki i prowadzenia dolegliwości o podłożu autoimmunologicznym, zaburzeń ze spektrum nadpobudliwości i deficytu uwagi, oligofrenopedagogiki, dietetyki, psychologii.

About us

Your health is of utmost importance

Our integral medicine and 3D bioresonance clinic was founded by Renata Solarska Ph.D. Thanks to the combination of experience and scientific practice, as well as a holistic approach to health issues, the SolarMedica clinic has become a unique place on the map of Warsaw.

The clinic's offer includes diagnostics, therapy and consultations related to integrated medicine. We perform, among others, treatments with microcurrents and harmonic frequencies.

Our goal is to provide you with professional healthcare that benefits both from technology and medicine.

Holistic approach

Experienced specialists

Modern equipment

Our merits

We specialize in comprehensive diagnosis of the causes of disease symptoms and in adapting therapies aimed at eliminating pathogens and pathogenic symptoms.

Integral approach

We combine the achievements of mainstream medicine with the achievements of alternative trends, documented and supported by scientific research. Our basis is science and its authority of proof.

Effective therapies

We treat holistically through energy harmonization and regeneration. We help to regain self-regulation and we guarantee the therapy will be long-lasting, which is assured by activating the body's natural regulatory mechanisms.


Everything you need

SolarMedica is a place for all patients who are determined to take the first step towards sustainable and conscious health. Our diagnostics and therapies are non-invasive and painless

Praca nad przyczyną choroby, nie tylko z objawami. Skuteczne testowanie oraz regulacja układów, narządów wewnętrznych, stanów zapalnych, chorób autoimmunologicznych oraz zmian patologicznych.
There is no doubt that Trikombin offers more than mere classic bioresonance therapies, it is the successor of classic bioresonance.

Testing for loads allows you to identify allergens and get to the source of your allergy. Comprehensive diagnostics followed by therapeutic plan establishment and regulatory therapy implementation will help you to fight allergies in our body.

Diagnostics of deficiencies and adjustment of supplementation basing on what body currently needs - vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals.
Arranging a well-balanced diet basing on the elimination of food intolerances (metabolism of sugars, fats, gout, allergies, intolerances, autoimmune diseases).

Clearing the pathways leading to the formation of the disease. Diagnostics of conditions predisposing to the development of neoplasms with a functional analysis (procedure, supplementation, diet therapy).

Integral Treatment

Bioresonance can show you how to start living in harmony with your own body.

The founder of SolarMedica is Renata Solarska Ph.D. Not only is she a certified therapist of harmonic frequency applications (Akademie der Harmonikalischen Frequenzanwendung e.V Munich), a practitioner of integral medicine based on applied pharmacology, but she's also a scientist. Her professional path, intertwined with exact sciences, chemistry, physics, biology and pharmaceutical sciences - led to psychology and psychosomatics.

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Bioresonance can show you how to start living in harmony with your own body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance therapy is based on the use of electromagnetic fields on the entire body. This can result in effective regeneration of inflammatory changes, diseased organs, desensitize allergies, detect and treat parasites, fungi, bacteria and cleanse the body of toxins or heavy metals. It efficiently recognizes hidden diseases: Lyme disease and food intolerances. Increasing immunity, as well as effective support of the therapy of various chronic diseases is a great advantage of bioresonance and the use of integral therapy.

Bioresonance treatment uses body's own vibrations as well as external vibrations (e.g. vibrations of loads, allergens or parasites). The goals of diagnostics and regulatory therapy are to strengthen the body's systems (nervous, circulatory, digestive, immune, respiratory, muscular, genitourinary and endocrine) and to improve detoxification and regulation of body processes.

Comprehensive, painless and non-invasive diagnostics is one of the many advantages of Trikombin. Thanks to dedicated therapies and effective treatment, patients are able to restore harmony in the body without heavy drugs and needles and to assure long-term health. However, it does not happen just because of the device, but also thanks to the extensive work on changing habits and using targeted supplementation.

What are the contradictions?

The therapies are safe, non-invasive and enable comprehensive diagnosis of the body condition. They make it possible to visualize the problem along with the symptoms and its real causes.

Our brand-new expert Trikombin apparatus creates no contraindications to the use of therapy. For example, it does not generate magnetic field as it was the case in older generation devices. 

Each therapy plan and implemented diagnostics are always selected individually for each patient and their health condition.

  • Therapies with the use of harmonic frequencies that our apparatus emits are safe for: pregnant women, babies, children, patients with pacemakers, as well as patients with prostheses and implants.
  • Microcurrent therapies require low current flow and are not recommended for pregnant women or patients with pacemakers.

What is the first appointment like?

Approximate duration is 90 minutes. For the first appointment, it is recommended to bring your medical documentation with you and ensure that your body is well-hydrated (a glass of water every two hours). The duration of the session depends on the individual case and disease. Therapeutic programs are always selected according to individual indications to the patient's problems.

At the beginning of therapy, a specialist checks and removes the blocking factors of the body. Then, we perform a diagnostic scan of the body and the regulation of organs that need support. The organs are restored to their original vibration.

During the appointment, the burdened systems and organs are detoxified and the whole organism is balanced to strengthen its healing and self-regulation processes.

We provide services such as:

  • Basic therapies
  • Targeted therapies
  • Neutralizing therapies
  • Desensitization therapies
  • Detoxification therapies

What is needle-free acupuncture?

Needle-free acupuncture does not break the continuity of the skin and is completely painless. Carefully selected acupuncture points are stimulated using electrodes which send the appropriate electromagnetic pulse.

Needle-free acupuncture is designed to strengthen and regulate a given therapeutic area. It is recommended for therapies carried out in children and in patients who are afraid of needles. We provide therapies for those dealing with autism, paralysis, hyperactivity, epilepsy, neuralgia and other neurological diseases. Needle-free acupuncture treatments help with: insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, musculoskeletal system problems and they help to lower blood pressure.

Acupuncture that use frequencies is highly effective, and offers stronger and deeper effects in comparison with standard acupuncture.

  • A specialist always determines the number of treatments individually, depending on the diagnosis and the adopted therapy plan.

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